SXSW Party Proposal for pplconnect

Planning a kickass event for pplconnect at SXSW 2013

Planning an event, a party, a launch, or any other kind of splashy debut at South By Southwest requires 1 part creativity, 1 part logistics, 1 part money. Throw in some great planning, and you will have one awesome time.

Questions to consider:

What is the goal of your event?

Is it ... for brand awareness, a new entry into the market, cool factor, customer acquisitions, downloads/usage of your app, media exposure?

How will you measure the success of your SXSW event?

Is it ... new downloads, meeting the right people (users, press, strategic partners), getting mentioned in the media, having people experience your app?

What kind of resources are you putting towards SXSW?
Do you have ... a PR agency, a set budget, a team to work the event?

Here are some sample costs:


SXSW Basic party

Venue rental $1000-3000
Food Truck $500-4000
Band $600-2000
T-shirts & branded items $500-1000
Permits $600
Security $500
Videographer $1000

An Even Cooler Party

Better Venue $3500-5000
Food Truck $2000-4000
Band $600-2000
T-shirts & branded items $1000-2000
Permits $600
Security $500
Invitations / Guest List Management $1000
Contest / Promotion $1500
Street Team / Guerrilla Marketing $2000

Here's what we can do:

Event Ideation + Creative Brainstorming

Cool Venues + Outdoor Spaces

Bands + Musical Entertainment

Food trucks + Beverages

Video Crews + Street Marketing Teams

Sponsors + Advertising

Contests + Promotions

T-shirts + Branded Items

Screenprinting + Posters

Publicity + PR + Media

Gifts + Prizes

Invitations + Security

Permits + Insurance