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Mata Families,

It’s 2022! As we take time to pause and reflect on another unprecedented year, we welcome the new year with hope, gratitude and good cheer.

During the third grading period, students will be engaging in new learning and refining previously taught skills and concepts. Our content specialists have provided information to keep you in the know. Take a moment to read and stay abreast of what you child is learning.

May you continue to recharge, inspire others, and stay the course — All Aboard: Destination Student Success!

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Jamming in January – Google Jamboard

Students and staff will explore, Google Jamboard. Jamboard is an online digital whiteboard that allows remote or in-person collaboration on a shared space. This tool can be integrated with all content areas.

Here are some Google Jamboard uses:

  • Brainstorm ideas collaboratively for writing, projects and more in real time with drawings, images and text.
  • Concept mapping problems and solutions
  • Presentation Tool
  • Design thinking or challenges
  • Collaborative graphic organizers
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From learning more about research, static electricity, to how popcorn is made, click on link for fun, interesting information to get you through the month.

After all, reading takes you places when you can't physically get there. Are you ready for the journey?
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The Family Center is officially open for in-person visits. We offer FREE in-person classes for adults in the Mata Community. Classes offered are:

  • English as a Second Language (ESL) — Beginner and Intermediate level classes
  • Virtual Spanish
  • Technology
  • Academic Connection
  • Citizenship Prep
  • LENA Start
  • Workforce Readiness

Assistance is also provided through community resource referrals such as food, rental , utility, medical/dental assistance. We look forward to serving you.

Contact Candice Barnett, Family Liaison, at (281) 983-7800 Ext. 24003.

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