Zurich, Switzerland

German 1


Going to Zurich Switzerland from Germany is $296 for 4 youth tickets.It's second class seating. You would depart at 8:31 am and Arrive at 3:47 pm using BAHN rail service. The duration for your first ride is 7 hr and 16 minutes long you arrive at Basel Switzerland. There is a 20 minute transfer to another train which leaves at 4:07 pm and arrives at Zurich Switzerland at 5 pm. It's a semi flexible ticket which means it's refundable up to 1 day before the printed date on the ticket.



We're staying for 1 week and for food it’s $2,800, train tickets are $296, quad tour is $672, extra cash is $400, the hotel is $654, tickets for the zoo are $53.33, and the bus tour is $142.76. All together that's $4,875.53 and our budget is $5,000. In Swiss francs we would spend 4767.22.