David Johnson Cane Bay

New product development is often what a business focuses.

One Business Leader's Take on What It Takes to Succeed Today

The United States Virgin Islands is probably best known for tourism, but it is also home to many successful companies that focus on entirely different things. One notable homegrown success story is that of Cane Bay Partners, an international management consulting firm based on the island of St. Croix.

Under the leadership of founding partners like David Johnson Cane Bay has helped many global-scale businesses become more competitive and capable. Not long ago, Johnson gave an interview to a weekly news publication where he detailed some of the secrets to success.

It Takes More Than Desire to Prevail in the Modern World of Business

Even as recently as fifty years ago, the realm of business tended to be a fairly insular place. Familial relations and other types of connections often mattered more than talent and dedication, but things have changed drastically since.

The hyper-competitive contemporary business environment ensures that only the worthiest companies and individuals will ever rise to the top. In Johnson's recent interview with USA Weekly, he identified factors such as the following as being especially critical to success:

Investment. Whether for businesses or individuals, being ready to invest is always a requirement. Companies need to be able to lay the groundwork for future achievements in a variety of ways, from buying new equipment to expanding into more spacious facilities. Individuals must always be prepared to learn and grow in ways that will make them more valuable and capable in the future. Investing wisely and effectively takes staying up to date with the current state of a given industry and market so as to be sure of aiming for the right targets. Every investment is a move made in the hopes of producing future returns, so being able to see beyond the moment is always key.

Taking risks. Competition has a way of ensuring that excessive conservatism will always be punished. Sticking too rigidly to processes and approaches that have worked in the past is a sure road to ruin for both companies and individual business people. While risk should never be assumed without reason or hope for reward, the most competitive firms and business leaders are almost always read to accept promising opportunities. Embracing at least a bit of risk and uncertainty is a requirement for success in just about every type of business today.

Qualities That Benefit Ambitious Individuals and Entire Organizations Alike

With business leaders like Johnson regularly emphasizing the importance of such traits and activities, anyone who hopes to succeed in the field will do well to pay attention. Connections and hard work alone are rarely enough to guarantee success anymore.