Taking Drugs Is Like Slowly Killing Yourself

Say No To Tobacco

Tobacco's Deadly plant

Other then being completely deadly.. The farmers who grow it put even more poisons on it just to get it to grow. I don't know about you, but I prefer NOT eating poisons.


This is a Healthy Lung next to a Tobacco affected Lung. Which one would you prefer..

Tobacco Can Affect You and Those around you!

this is a diagram of all the things inside you Tobacco can affect

Second Hand Smoke

Second hand smoke is when You aren't necessarily the person to make the bad decision of smoking tobacco, but Those around you are! It is actually worse for the second hand smoker, because they are breathing the smoke in. Letting it in to there body. While The smoker is breathing it out.


This is the starting of cancer that grows on your tongue. This is very disturbing it looks like a white mold that grows wherever you place the chewing tobacco in your mouth, either on the inside of your lip the side of your tongue, wherever! So Chewing tobacco may look cool, but it can give you hairy tongue or worse!

Hairy tongue

This is a picture of hairy tongue. An affect of Chewing tobacco. Not Only does it look grouse, but it is developed from leukoplakia a disease caused by chewing tobacco!

Steroids Actually Make Your Muscles Weeker

Big image


They may seem to make you look cool and tough. Well actually they can do this. This a man who took steroids, this can happen to you if You are on steroids. Your muscles may seem bigger, but They are actually weaker, more fragile. They can tear this easy!
They also change your body in different ways that don't seem very decent. For instance, for females they will grow facial hair/and or chest hair, Voice deepens. For Men, infertility, breasts may develop, and testicles will shrink. For both men and women excessive acne will grow, mood swings, paranoia, and roid rage will be shown