First Nations of the MYRB


Their homes and communities.

The First Nations of the Mackenzie and Yukon River Basins are a very interesting and smart people. They had portable homes in case there was no more food in their location anymore or if there was a situation where, packing up and leaving was needed. Their homes were easily erected so now you understand why they move around from place to place so it's not that hard for them. They made use of the animals they killed, using skins to make their tents. Usually there would be 25 - 30 people in their communities.

This is a paragraph about what they ate.

They would eat what was there in their environment. There meat was kept frozen to preserve it for later. Sometimes if the weather gets ruff and they could not hunt they would eat their preserved meat. They also ate Wolverine and Lynx meat! How tuff! They ate a lot of things such as Moose, Caribou, Black bear, and Otter.

What they wore in their environment.

The first nations of the MYRB wore what helps them live in their environment. Some wore the skins of the dead animals they killed. Like how they wore the Caribou skins they would wear in the winter. Also how they wore tunics. In the summer they would wear summer moccasins. They would also wear coats of soft tanned hides in the winter too.

What their transportation is.

They would mostly travel on water. The first nations of the Mackenzie and Yukon River Basins would travel around using long canoes. They would use spruce gum to help keep the boat sealed together. The reason canoes were used for travel is because of the Innumerable rivers. They would use hides to make the canoes.

Social Organization

The social organization of the first nations people of the MYRB was a lot of day-to-day survival. In the winter they would play. Mostly it would be hunting. Also, because of their many rivers and lakes, they would fish. The people would also be trapping things, and gathering plants.

Spiritual Beliefs

The first nations of the MYRB, and all the other first nations shared the same beliefs. Except some did different rituals and celebrations. Their beliefs were that all was a gift from the creator.