Civil Rights Leaders

Athena Bruner

Comparing and Contrasting

Martin Luther King jr, Stokely Carmichael and Jesse Jackson had all participated in the cilil rights movements. MLK had made the "I have a dream" speech which was his most popular speech ever. He was the first youngest recipient to get the Nobel Prize in 1964, he used the money to continue on wi the civil rights causes. The "I have a dream" speech was about him expressing that he is tired of segregation and the ignorance. He wanted everyone from different nationalities to have peace and to be equal. Stokely Carmichael was the prime minister if the black panthers (a black revolutionary socialist organization, for the protection of black neighborhoods). He had joined the non-violent action group, they participated in the students protests against segregation. Jessie Jackson was more into the presidency for the civil rights rather than the protests that MLK and Stokely had been in. Jesse had been a canidate for the presidential nomination. The only similarity they have is they were all involved in the civil rights movement changes but they each p,aged a different role in doing so which is why they are different as well.