A semester at a glance

Codey Fuller


Through out this semester we have had a chance to take an adventure down the vast and expanding world of Assistive Technology. We have gotten to explore and play with the tools offered, to the world of the disabled. Yet, we have not had a chance to tell our story on what we have thought of the twists and turns that we have experienced. These entries are those thoughts.


Take a vacation with a wacky doctor and his friends in this audio book created by Codey Fuller. Codey Allows his viewers to tag a long while The Doctor and his companion go on vacation. Through out the book the reader will be able to read or listen to the adventure of The Doctors vacation with Avatars and readable photos.

Assistive Tech Apps for the Technologcaly Impaired Teacher

3 Artifacts: Captioning, Assistive Word, Mini-Brain storm

What did you say?

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