Room 212 News #32

May 4, 2015

Last week: Fun and Busy!

The Little Mermaid performance was amazing last Tuesday -and the class was a great audience for the two hour show! On Wednesday we worked hard cleaning up a lot of trash and broken branches from the West Playground area for Day of Service. Students also enjoyed a visit from the Leslie Science Center raptors on Friday morning. Ask your student about the birds (a screech owl, a bald eagle and more). At the end of the day on Friday, the whole school joined together for a celebration of our PBIS guidelines - being Safe, Respectful and Responsible. At the assembly, students and teachers participated in races, hula hooping and finally, an all- school dance party!

NWEA testing - Friday

We have our first session of NWEA testing on Friday morning. Please help your child get to bed early Thursday and have breakfast on Friday. Thank you!

Word Study Week

In Word Study this week we will be looking and listening for the -ed ending in words. Sometimes it sounds like a "t"! Also, we'll be mixing and fixing words that have some of the digraphs from last week (sh and ch) and also -r controlled vowels, as in the word "porch."

All About Books

This week we will launch our All About Book project. Students will choose a topic to research and write an informational book. Along the way, we will look closely at the features of nonfiction text and learn to use some of them as we write.

Field Trip to Botanical Gardens - May 15

On Friday, May 15 our class will visit the U of M Botanical Gardens. Our class needs 2 chaperones to make this trip a success. We will leave at about 9:30 and likely return at about 12:30 or 1:00. Your student will need a lunch and drink for this trip. Please let me know if you would like to order a sack lunch from school. Permission slip was in the Friday Folder.

Plants grow and change

In our current Science Unit, we've been discussing how plants are living things. They may not move like animals do, and they do not search for food - but they share other characteristics of living things. We'll be sprouting seeds and checking out Mrs. Klein's garden.

Volunteer During Centers!

This year we've been fortunate to have many U of M students either interning or volunteering in our classroom. Soon our college students will be finishing their semester and moving on. We welcome help during guided reading and centers if you are available. Monday and Tuesday at 9:50, Wednesday at 10:00 and Thursday at 10:50.

Shapes and Equal Parts

Unit 8 in Math will introduce students to more shapes and also equal parts, or fractional parts of shapes. We will also be studying clocks and telling time to the half hour.

Dates to Remember:

  • 5/5 1-2-3 Magic Workshop at Pattengill 4:00
  • 5/15 Field Trip - Botanical Garden
  • 5/15 Ice Cream Social at Pattengill 6:30
  • 5/21 First Grade Spring Sing music concert 7:00
  • 6/5 Field Day at Bryant, volunteers welcome

Healthy Snack Sign-up

Students really enjoy having fruit and other healthy foods for snack. Here is the link to our snack sign-up if you would like to send something in on a Wednesday or Friday.