This shows the problems and the culture of its people


This is when fertile and healthy land becomes a desert. This can happen by droughts, deforestation, and poorly done farming. Desertification is mostly located in Sehel which is by the Sahara, and this is also causing the Sahara to expand causing problems for the people living in those regions.


Overpopulation is when the population exceeds the amount of land available for people to use. This is mostly occurring in the Sub-Sahara region and in countries like Nigeria and Ethiopia.


Apartheid is a system of segregation for race. This is a problem in South Africa.
South Africa: The Impact of Apartheid - Tropic of Capricorn - BBC travel


Genocide is the killing of a large group of people that are the same ethnicity or country. This is happening mostly in Rwanda, Congo, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, and Uganda.
1994 Rwandan Genocide Mini Documentary


Diseases are a big problem in Africa. The lack of clean water, medicines for everyone, proper shelter and clothing, and the food the need for a proper nutrition. This is a problem all through Africa. Some of the many diseases are Malaria, Tuberculosis, Heart Disease, some cancers, and malnutrition.

How lack of education relates to these problems:

If the people of Africa knew about deforestation and how it can cause desertification they probably could have prevented it. Lack of education is also a role in all of the diseases many people die from everyday in Africa. If they had a better education they could know how to prevent these diseases from taking lives everyday and not have to have help from other countries for cures. One final thing that it relates to is overpopulation. If they understood that their land's capacity and how the amount of livable land is decreasing, they'd be able to stop the number of birth rates to create more space to live in.

Rites of Passage

A rite of passage is a special ceremony or event that marks a stage in a person's life. They can be for birth, puberty, marriage, death, and other important stages that can be in their society. African rites of passage include rite of birth, adulthood, marriage, eldership, and ancestorship.
Girl's Rite of Passage


Swahili is a Bantu language that is mostly used in East Africa and is an official language in several countries.


This is the practice of having many husbands or wives. Polygamy can be found all over Africa but it is most commonly found in Sudan, Madagascar, and in some West African countries.


Bantu is a group of Niger-Congo languages that are mostly spoken in Central and South Africa. Some of these languages are Swahili, Xhosa, and Zulu.