The silent killer.

Physical/ mental causes

stressors cause stress physically and mentally. stressors can be anything like a stressful job or schedule to an overload of work. it can even be in the form of frustration. due to stress people die most by heart attacks because stress causes heart rate to increase. stress has many causes that lead to a painful life style it can cause back pain, headaches and even extreme muscle tension.

How to reduce stress

stress is caused by many things from over loading on work to a mere rampage of anger. luckily there are ways to reduce stress and its effects.

1. you can accept that some things you just cant control

2. think positive instead of the negative

3. do things that are pleasurable to you

4. manage your time

"There is more to life than increasing its speed."

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a 64 year old women wasn't breathing right for a while and it was happening several times a day. after half of the year of seeing a doctor about it he told her it was due to anxiety.