Mrs. McCann's Grade One

Weekly Newsletter: WEEK 21

Upcoming Important Dates

    • Tuesday, Feb. 14 - Small Valentine's Day Party in the afternoon
    • Friday, Feb. 17 - 11:40 dismissal
    • Monday, Feb. 20 - NO SCHOOL: Family Day
    • Tuesday, Feb. 21 - School Council Meeting @ 6:30
    • Wednesday, Feb. 22 - Pink Shirt Day
    • Thursday, Feb. 23 - Jersey Day
    • Friday, Feb. 24 - FULL DAY FRIDAY & Gator Blocks
    • March 9 & 10 - Teacher Convention

Important Information:

  • Valentines Celebration: On Tuesday, Feb. 14, we will be having a small classroom party in the afternoon. During this time the students will be handing out their Valentines, engaging in Valentine centres and watching a short Valentine's Day movie. I will be providing a small Valentine's Day snack.
  • ANTI-BULLYING CAMPAIGN: On Feb. 22, we are encouraging our students to wear pink to support anti-bullying day. We encourage everyone to openly express that “Kindness is one size fits all”. We all have the capacity to spread kindness and that is the underlying philosophy behind the anti-bullying movement: a movement we hope lives year round beyond Pink Shirt Day. After all, kindness never goes out of style.
  • 100th DAY CELEBRATION: What a great success this was. The students' capes were amazing and they truly loved being superheroes for the day. Zero the Hero also paid us a visit. Please check out the picture below with Zero the Hero and our wonderful class!

Classroom Happenings!!!

Here are a few things that have been "happening" in the classroom. These are great discussion starters with your child.

1) The new character we were introduced to is Sh (Sheriff Shadrack). Have your child show you his gesture and then come up with some words that have this sound.

3) Ask your child about Zero the Hero. What was their favourite part of the 100th day celebration?