Mrs. Miller's Monday Message

September 28 - October 2

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Upcoming Dates

September 30th - Kiel Hileman from MTMS comes to visit 3rd Grade

October 2nd - Community Walk, LAST DAY to turn in Spirit Wear Order Forms

October 5th - Peace and Kindness Week Begins!

October 6th - Picture Day

October 7th - PTO Walk to School Day

October 16th - End of 1st Quarter

PRE Spirit Wear

The deadline to order NEW spirit wear is this Friday! The link below will take you to the order form!


We have been studying about the History of Shawnee in class and would like to culminate our unit with a final project. The project will entail students needing to gather information by surveying people who work in our community.

So, we will be walking the students to the "Price Chopper" center. Students will be distributed into small groups and will have 3 stores from which they will need to gather information. We will then stop at McDonalds for an afternoon treat before walking back to school. (Please send between $3-5 with your child to buy a treat. They will eat lunch at school before we go on the walk, so they will only need enough money for a treat.)

The days after our trip, students will work in their groups to prepare a technology presentation about the History of Shawnee, also using information gathered from their surveys.

We will need a couple of parent volunteers to join us. If you would like to come along and help supervise a group of students, just let me know.

Peace and Kindness Week (October 5-9)

The theme of our Peace and Kindness Week is "I Mustache You to Not Bully or Do Drugs!"

Monday - I Mustache You to Be Peace and Kind

  • Wear tie-dye and peace signs

Tuesday - I Mustache You to be YOUrself and Dress Up Nice for Picture Day!

  • Wear nice clothes for picture day

Wednesday - I Mustache You to Team Up to Exercise Good Choices by Choosing Kindness for Yourself and Others

  • Wear exercise gear, athletic shoes and new PRE school wide shirt

Thursday - I Mustache You to Use Your Superpowers to Keep Our School Bully and Drug Free!

  • Wear superhero gear or shirts

Friday - I Mustache You to Use Your Thinking Cap to Help You Choose Kind Words and Make Healthy Choices

  • Wear your favorite hat

Curriculum Peek

Spelling & Vocabulary: New spelling lists will be going home today. Students will be focusing on the final consonant blends with short vowels (-st, -sp, -sk, -ng, -nt, -nk, -ng). Students should continue to study their vocabulary definitions, the test will be this Friday, October 2nd.

Math: We will begin Topic 3 today! Students will begin learning how to use place value to add. We will start with expanded algorithm and models for adding 3-digit numbers. Later in the week we will work on adding 3 or more numbers and problem solving by drawing a picture. Below is a great video on why math is taught differently now. I strongly encourage all of you to take the time to watch it. I had a few questions on it during conferences and feel like this man puts it into words a lot better than I did. Thank you for your time!

Social Studies/Reading: This week we are working on wrapping up our communities unit. This year, as a part of state assessments, students will be taking a MDPT which is a performance task incorporating multiple disciplines which requires students to engage with texts, images, diagrams and other resources and then compose a narrative, informational/ explanatory text, or opinion. We will be modeling and going through this process for the first time this week!

Writing: Students will be writing an opinion paragraph once again. After taking notes from different articles, students will form reasons and examples of why their community in Kansas is the greatest! They will put their opinion paragraph in their Kansas brochure!

Why is Math Different Now