South Side Family Newsletter

January 2019

eLearning Day on Monday, January 21

Dear South Side Families,

All East Noble schools will be holding professional development for teachers on Monday, January 21. Students will be staying home for this scheduled eLearning day. You can expect lessons to be similar to what students complete on a weather related cancellation day. Most of our students have already previewed what is expected from their teachers for Monday's lessons. Please keep in mind that completion of eLearning activities is required to count a student in attendance for the day. Students that do not complete eLearning assignments will be counted absent from school for the day.

We will be holding our winter parent/teacher conferences in February. This round of conferences are not required for all students. Teachers will be sending individual invitations to conference with them to parents that they feel need to have a second parent/teacher conference for the year. All parents are welcome to schedule a parent/teacher conference if they would like to meet with their child's teacher. Please reach out to teachers as soon as possible if you would like to be included on their parent/teacher conference list next month.

As we enter the end of January, we are finally seeing a bit of a decrease in our stomach and flu viruses that have been reducing our attendance numbers since November. The best way to accomplish great student health is to maintain a consistent bed time and good nutrition habits. If there is no fever present and kids are vomit and diarrhea free, send them to school! It's okay to arrive feeling a little under the weather if there are not signs of a major illness.

Try to enjoy the expected snow storm this weekend and please reach out if you have any questions or concerns!


Jeff Harper



phone: 260-349-2200

Twitter: @enssprincipal

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Learning Updates

Preschoolers returned from break ready to learn about Nursery Rhymes and Gingerbread Men. We are practicing “reading” familiar stories and rhymes to our friends. Our favorite thing to do is to retell our favorite stories and act them out (The Gingerbread Man and Humpty Dumpty). So much for not running in school! We are using blocks to build walls and put our oval Humptys on those walls. We discovered that rectangles and squares make the best walls!

Second grade students are learning about computer science and how we use it in our everyday lives in the Project Lead the Way module called Grids and Games. Students have used Scratch Jr. to learn about programming and have used math to control the movements of their characters. All of this background knowledge will help students use the Engineering Design Process to design a game of their own using Scratch Jr.

Third grade kicked off our fractions unit with our Pizza Project. Students are able to design a pizza with any toppings and then determine the fraction of their pizza that will have each of those toppings. Students will use a Pizza Hut medium and divide it into 6 to 8 pizzas. Partners will work to create a “pizza” with various materials that represent real pizza toppings. Students will demonstrate their understanding of fractions by drawing the fraction of each topping on a fraction circle and a number line.

Fourth graders are currently learning about moon phases from Ms. Ohnesorge and weathering and erosion from Ms. Roberts. For moon phases, we started out the week by using a globe (as the earth), a tennis ball (as the moon) and a flashlight (as the sun) as hands on manipulatives to see just how we can see the moon on some nights and how we can’t see it at all on other nights. As the week progressed we learned about each and every phase of the moon and why it looks the way it does. At the end of the week students used Oreos to demonstrate all 8 phases of the moon. For weathering and erosion, students are doing two major demonstrations. To witness the effects of chemical weathering and mechanical weathering, students put pieces of chalk through different tests and noted what they observe. To witness the effects of water, wind, and ice on a landscape, students used an erosion table with a wind storm (hair dryer), a landslide, and a glacier. Students will also be going on a Google Expedition soon as part of this unit.

Fifth grade came back from break and started in on Project Lead the Way (PLTW). Mrs. Anderson’s class learned about germs and how fast they spread by playing heads up 7-up using a special powder and black light. We found out that all students ended up with some of the powder on them by the time the game was done. Mrs. Sherck’s class started in on robotics. We got our groups together and started talking about PLTW modules that are included. In the next few weeks we will be working on building our robots and testing them. All the students are excited to start this venture.

Role of a School Counselor

Starting this school year, South Side was given the opportunity to have a full time school counselor in the building. The role of a school counselor is quite different from the role of a mental health counselor. A school counselor works with all students to create a school climate that illustrates the three B’s: Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be Safe. As a school counselor, I provide whole class lessons to educate students on social-emotional needs. I also work to meet the needs of students on a smaller level. With the start of the Lunch Bunch groups, I am able to address the specific social emotional needs of students on a smaller scale. I also meet with students on an individual level to do brief counseling when needed. A mental health counselor will meet with clients on a regular basis, over multiple sessions to address their needs. As a school counselor, I am limited to the amount of time I am able to counsel students. If I feel like a student would benefit from multiple counseling sessions, I will advise the parent(s) of the student to seek outside counseling with a mental health counselor. If you have any questions about counseling or counseling opportunities available, please do not hesitate to call or stop in!

If you are interested in counseling for your student, East Noble has partnered with the North Eastern Center and the Bowen Center. They will be offering two free counseling sessions to all East Noble students. If you would like to know more information about this, please ask!

Jessica Carden

School Counselor


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Parent/Teacher Organization Updates

Our Spring Talent Show is scheduled for Thursday, April 18. We would love to see your student's talent showcased! More information will be sent home soon.

Don't forget to send in Boxtops for Education. Whichever class submits to most Boxtops by January 31 will win a popcorn party!

Changes Coming to Lunch Payment System

Currently, East Noble uses My Payments Plus as our food service payment provider. After spring break we will be using a new system called E-Fund. More information will be sent in the future to make the transition a smooth one. Keep up to date by following our food service department on Facebook @ ENSCFood Service.

Benefits of the new system include:

 Make payment for multiple students in one easy transaction.

 Eliminate the need for your child to carry cash or checks to school.

 Sign up for low balance alerts, and never worry about your student running out of funds.

 Receive email notifications on all payments made.

 Establish recurring transactions for the ultimate convenience.

 Online access to a detailed payment history of all transactions.

Morning Drop Off

We have a number of families that get dropped off by car in the mornings. That is awesome and we appreciate all of you getting your Trailblazer to school! There seems to be an issue where we need your help! There are a number of cars that pull up to the front of the building and wait to drop of their South Side student until 7:40/7:45. There is nothing wrong with students wanting to wait in the car until the second set of doors open. However, this does cause a problem for the number of people who drop off their student before the second door opens into the building. If you are one of the cars who wants to wait until the second door opens to drop off your Trailblazer, please pull ahead, or park, to allow the flow of drop off traffic to continue. If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Erexson.

Important Dates

Click here for the 2018-19 East Noble School Calendar

January 21 Scheduled staff meetings and student eLearning day

Saturday, January 26 Robotics competition at Cedarville Elementary

February 14 End of trimester 2

February 21 Report cards issued

Feb 19-March 1 Elementary conferences. Teachers will notify parents of date and time if a conference is needed

March 6 School Board Meeting at South Side 6:00 pm

March 13 Fourth grade trip to FW History Center and Allen County Courthouse

March 18-22 Spring book fair

March 18-29 IREAD Testing Window for third grade students

April 15 Progress reports issued

April 16 Kindergarten round up 5:30-7:00 pm

April 18 PTO Sponsored Talent Show 6:00 pm in the South Side cafeteria--more info coming soon

April 22-May 17 ILEARN Testing Window for grades 3 through 5 (Replaces ISTEP testing)

May 17 Fourth grade trip to Gene Stratton Porter

May 21 Fifth grade field trip to Camp Potawotam

May 24 Report cards issued on last student day