Times Beach, Missouri Catastrophe

By Matt McGuire and Jarien Montgomery

What Happened

What happened in Times Beach, Missouri was terrible. All of the people who lived there had to evacuate the town because the EPA ( Environment Protection Agency ) found levels on high for a chemical called dioxin. Dioxin is a compound chemical that is manufactured in paper and bleach. A lot of animals died because the dioxin was in the soil, and the soil was contaminated and the animals were eating the grass.

Who Was Responsible

Russell Bliss was responsible for spraying oil all across the roads in Times Beach, MO. He was payed 126$ per load to spray waste oil into the town. He was a self made millionaire, and he owned 200 acres of land. Russell admits he sprayed the oil says CNN Chicago. He got 18,000 gallons of oil waste, 6 loads, at 3,000 gallons a load.

Times Beach MO


Times Beach today is a "ghost town" because everyone had been gone by 2000. If you did still live there well you would get contaminated and get a disease that would cause you to get black dots on your face.