Fraser Island

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Fraser Island listed as a World Heritage in December 1992 has attracted thousands of tourists, for it's lush rainforest, rare sights of Fraser island is a place of exceptional beauty. With its long white beaches flanked by strikingly coloured sand cliffs, and over 100 freshwater lakes, tea-coloured and others clear and blue all ringed by white sandy beaches. Ancient rainforests grow in sand along the banks of fast-flowing, crystal-clear creeks.

Location of Fraser Island



Species found on Fraser Island include beach she-oaks and Pandanus along the foredunes, Eucalyptus, acacias, some beautiful scribbly gums a bit more inland and satinay (also known as the Fraser Island turpentine), kauri pine and brush box along with a variety of vines, palms and ferns in the rainforest areas.

A very rare and beautiful species found on Fraser Island is the angiopteris fern, sporting the largest fronds of any fern in the world and believed to be tens of millions of years old, it offers a stunning beautiful sight along Wanggoolba Creek, one of the more popular spots on Fraser Island.

All in total there are about 800 species of plant life on Fraser Island. Some of them only grow on Fraser Island and are found nowhere else.

One of these rare plants is the pink colored Drosera Lovellae, which is a carnivorous Sundew and the biggest one of them all and only grows on Fraser Island.


Fraser Island is a nature lover's paradise with over 300 bird species, dingos, dugongs, turtles, sharks, hump-back whales and much more. There are 25 species of mammals. lsolation has endured that Fraser's dingoes are the purest breed in Eastern Australia. One of the most brzen creatures is the goanna. Other natuve mammals wandering in the wilderness include wallabies, possums, flying foxes and echidnas. Dugong fees on the seagrass beds, turtles brees on some ilsand beaches as well as the mainland and each year tailor make their annual migration to Fraser's rocky headlands to spawn

Fraser Island is home to around 230 species of birds - one of the largest and most varied bird communities in Australia. The island 's heathlands are home to one of Australia's rare birds - the ground parrots, as well as honey-eaters and KIngfisher.


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UNSECO Criteria

Fraser Island is a Natural type Heritage site. It fulfills criteria: 7, 8 and 9.