Children with learning disabilities

Jerin Mondle period 1 Digital Literacy

Introduction Paragraph

How can we help students with learning disabilities be successful? Having a learning disability is hard because classrooms can be noisy and kids can become frustrated. Many people do not know what it is like to have a learning disability. Two and half million students have been diagnosed with specific learning disabilities, so it is important for us to learn how to help students who struggle with learning.I chose this topic because i want to know what it is like having a a learning disability, and how we can help.

How can you tell if a child has a learning disability?

A child with a learning disability will have problems with learning phonemes and graphemes, problems learning how to blend sounds and letters, remembering familiar words with sight, problems forming letters and numbers, problems with basic spelling and grammar, problems with math skills and math calculations, and many more.

Quote , opinion, and data

"Kids with learning disabilities aren’t lazy or dumb,In fact, most are just as smart as everyone else".My opinion about this topic is that even if children with learning disabilities have trouble with many school-related stuff,they can still think and speak like other kids can without learning disabilities.But the people with learning disabilities will still have a lot of trouble doing things such as reading, and writing.Almost 25% are one grade level behind.Kids will be time-driven, and working in classrooms will be noisy and kiotic.And group-work to help.

Parent tips

In the video, Parent Tips,viewers learn that,1 in 5 people have Learning Disabilities (LD) .There are new apps that help students with LD. This video is important because it tells you what to do and how you can help students with LD.