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Transformational Tip - Self - Image or Style Ideas

Why Style - No matter what your age, location, or money situation, we need to feel confident. I remember when I was in my 40's, I had to use a cane. I fought it, and fell.

I did not have much choice, I chose something colorful and beautiful, it was my style.

Sure, it was a small thing. I then began to accept the cane and allowed myself to accept myself.

Pick Your Style - Buy or Rent

Let's face it, we all like to go to Kohl's or Macy's and pick up a clearance piece of costume jewelry. Other times, it is time to get that precious gem to honor love or a birth. Then there is the "Bling Fog," Don't you have a hard enough time just getting the outfit right?
When is the time to buy or rent jewelry?

Post a selfie or pic of the outfit! You can tell me the price range and styling questions. After that, let's discuss your situation and find a style investment solution