Budget Report

Millie Mutombo

Buying A House

I can only afford a house that is $844 a month or less. I have 2 kids so I needed to make sure my house was a 2 bedroom one or more. I ended up getting a townhouse that was


3 bedrooms

2 bathrooms

$765- (monthly payment)

$107- (total price)

Buying A Car

After I calculated the cost of my car I could afford only $13,504 total on my car. So that meant I could only spend $225 a month on financing a car.


Make- Saturn

Model- Outlook Xr

Year and Color- 2007, White

$127- (monthly payment)

$7620- (total payment)

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Probably me as a mom acting all fake for the CAMERA ^^^^^^^^

HI my name is Millie I have 2 kids a husband and a cat name Barbie. I am a Funeral Director so I handle the dead. Which isn't a fun job but pretty creepy..........

I love to eat and love Ms.Dean's social studies class

Paying Bills

After I pay house/rent, car and 10% saving I have to pay some bills. My health insurance is $200 so I pay that. Then I have to pay dental insurance which is $20. Then I pay for social security and medicare (I have already payed tax). I now have $1462 left to spend on stuff.

My Grocery List is Long because I Love FOOD vvvvvvvvvvv

Grocery List

2 boxes of Silk Milk

2 boxes of Almond Milk

2 bags of Chicago Italian Bread

2 bags of King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls

2 boxes of eggs

2 Jars of Nutela

4 boxes of Cereal

2 packs of Ramen

2 bottles of Juice

6 things of Corn

4 bags of chips

1 bag of Lettuce

1 pound of Turkey Meat

2 cans of Beans

1 bag of shrimp

2 bottles of Vegetable Oil

1 box of Belvita

1 box of Nature Valley Granola Bars

2 things of Lunchables Variety Pack

20 containers of Yogurt

2 boxes of Totini Pizza Rolls

1 container of croissants

1 container of Whipped Cream