Fourth Grade Frontiers

Mrs. Brand's Classroom

First Trimester of Fourth Grade

It's been a very productive first trimester of fourth grade! These are some highlights for the year so far.

Integrated Literacy & Content

As part of units of study, we are making connections with literacy and the content areas. We work on main idea and details in different types of texts and compare and contrast often. We've explored plants and found out about different types of seeds. We were home to crayfish for about two weeks to find out what structures help them survive. The students loved learning about them! We went on a fieldtrip to find out about what life was like in Elk Grove Village when it first became a town. We are embarking on a unit of study about innovations and what impact they have made on people's lives.

Plant Unit

Brain Break Time

Crayfish Adventures

Farmhouse Museum Fieldtrip


Our unit in math this trimester has revolved around number sense and operations. This meant reviewing adding and subtracting numbers to the thousands place and comparing numbers to the millions. From there, we learned to multiply 4 digit by 1 digit problems, and 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication. Ask your child to show you the multiplication steps using floor tiles! From there, we will be learning to divide larger numbers and how to recognize the language behind multiplicative comparison.