Kansas Education Budget Cuts

Stop Cutting Important Education

Income Tax Cuts

In May 2012, Governor Brownback signed the largest income tax cuts. Those tax cuts triggered the budget gap that we have today. Brownback has recently made budget cuts to public schools and universities. Public school budgets have been cut by 1.5% and university budgets by 2%. Those budget cuts are to help fill the budget gap Kansas has.

Schools are Closing Due to Budget Cuts

Some schools that have closed due to budget cuts are Winfield Intermediate School, Marquette Elementary, and 29 out of 61 Kansas City schools. The Twin Valley district, Smoky Valley, Concordia, and many more schools are ending the school year early to save money. Bev Mortimer, Superintendent of Concordia, says that Releasing kids on May 8 rather than May 20 will save the district around $30,000.

State Income Tax Revenue

Right now the state income tax for individuals who make $15,000 and more is 4.9%. For individuals who make less than $15,000 the income tax is 3%. The state makes $2,083,070,400 off of those tax percentages. If they changed the income tax to 5.7%, they would make $2,781,766,930. That is $698,696,530 more than what they make right now.
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My Plan

I would plan to write a letter to the legislature and and ask for a meeting to tell them my idea that they should raise income taxes and why. Then, if I get a meeting with them I would ask to meet in the Capitol at their office. I would meet with them and tell them about my idea and then see what they say.

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