News update:

3 boys found near Castle Rock island

Navy officer

A military officer came back home with three young boys. He says "I seen a huge fire and smoke on the island and well.. I decided to land on the island and I ended up with 3 youngins, I wasn't expecting to find three boys.'"

2 boys found dead by General Grant


Simon was known as the shy and sensitive boy. Simon was the first boy to die. The oldest Ralph clarified that the boys didn't intentionally mean to kill Simon in this case they thought he was the "Beast" in other words the pig. Ralph also explained that Jack ordered the tribe to do their wild hunting dance which results in Simons death.


Piggy was the loyal and intelligent one of the group. Unfortunately piggy's death was from another kid on the island named Roger who purposely pushed a boulder down the hill toward Piggy. Piggy wasn't able to move in time before the big rock had hit him.