United Arab Emerites

Hot fun and always in the sun.


Middle East/ Southwest Asia


The weather here has extreme heat and extreme humidity but is cooler in the eastern mountains.

Climate Type

The climate in UAE is sub- tropical.

Physical Features

A couple of awesome physical features in the United Arab Emerites is the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf.


In the United Arab Emerites Arabic is the nationally spoken language but, English is spoken when doing business in cities like Dubai.


It is common for people to have Good manners and have courtesy. You should dress modestly in public areas when you go.If someone offers you food you should Accept it with you right hand.public displays of affection should be minimal


There is zero tolerance for drugs. You should not take photos without asking the people around you first.


A couple of subcultures of UAE are the Sunni Muslims and the Shi'i Muslims.

Culture Change

Around 2010 we tried to get universal voting rights for all. 160 people signed the petition and went on strike.