I Am Alive!

You are not alive but we need each other.


Hello Soil,
As you can tell by the title of this poster you're not living and I am. It's not a bad thing because you need me and I need you. I will be telling you about the six characteristics that make me alive.


The first one is respond. Living things can respond in many different ways. I often times respond to light. Even though I don't have eyes I can sense light. I don't like light so I live in you.

Grow and Develop

Grow and develop means you change and get bigger. I grow and develop because I get bigger and longer. In a way you grow and develop. You get richer when nutrients is added to you. You may have this characteristic but, that doesn't make you living.


Reproduce means to make more of something. I can make more worms because I am living. You can not reproduce. This a characteristic I have that you don't.


Cells are small building blocks that make up all living things. I have cells. I am sorry to say that you do not.

Chemical Activities

Chemical activities are activities that living things do in there body. It may not seem like it but I do chemical activities just like humans. I perform digestion and respiration. You don't do any chemical activities.


Move means you get from one place to another. I move around in you. You don't really move by yourself. Other things like wind and water can move you.