Behind the bedroom door

A report about a girl living in Nazi Germany

Behind the bedroom wall is a fictional story about a girl named Korinna. Korinna lives a "happy" life. By "happy," I mean that she thinks it's happy. Korinna lives a normal life with her mother and father, she walks to school everyday with her best friend Rita, and regularly attends Jungmadel meetings. The Jungmadel meetings are like the Hitler youth group, but for girls, and instead of learning how to shoot guns, they bake and sew. Now, this isn't a normal time in her town, people such as Korinna's teacher, the local baker, and many others are being arrested or going missing. You might think that this is the plot of the story.....Wrong! The moment of conflict arises when Korinna finds a family of Jews being hidden by her parents right behind her bedroom wall. Korinna has learned through years of brainwashing, that anyone who even looks like they are helping Jews, has to be arrested. Korinna consideres telling the police, but she doesn't want her parents to be arrested. She considered telling Rita, but her older brother is an officer, and Rita would surely report them. Korinna thinks about telling her other friend Eva, but they aren't that close, and Korinna wasn't sure what Eva would do. Korinna finally settles on just writing about her parents in her diary. It is hard for Korinna to fit in, with this huge secrete hanging over her head. As time goes by, Korinna comes to love the Jews, but Rita and other schoolmates are getting suspicious. What will Korinna do...find out in, Behind The Bedroom Wall

From this book I learned what it was like for the non-Jews living in Germany during the holocaust, and for this particular story, a girl who's family is hiding Jews. I also learned about the Jungmadel It was like a Hitler youth group, but for girls. Finally I learned what the Gestapo were like, breaking into people's houses and searching for Jews, and how Hitler brainwashed people into reporting anyone who even looked, "Suspicious of helping Jews."

This book would be good for someone who wants to ease into the holocaust, instead of being thrown directly into some survival story with death at every turn, like some holocaust books. I wouldn't recommend this book for research about the holocaust, as it is just a story, and for people who are already invested in the holocaust.

I rate this book, a three out of five, or a six out of ten. It was a good story, but I never felt like this was truly about the holocaust, or Nazi-controlled Germany, but I felt as though this is just a story about a girl.