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We have Chromebooks. Now what?

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Campus Innovation Coach

As your campus innovation coach, I am here to help you incorporate technology into your lessons. We know this is not an overnight switch, but a gradual process. An easy way to get started is by generating a tech presence and following some EdTech pioneers. So, follow me on twitter @DalyStevens and @ScottieScience7.

Need a twitter? Here are a few websites that can help build the perfect educational twitter account:

The first step as a school is to identify where the faculty and staff is overall with the use and feelings of technology. You received an email to a google form. The survey will only open with your AISD email address, so please make sure you are logged into the cloud and google drive when opening the survey. If you did not receive the email, click the button below and it will take you to the survey.

T3: Technology Tuesdays and Thursdays

Join me in room 209 on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 3:34-4:15 to talk and explore educational technology.

Beginning February 23, each week we will look at various websites and apps to apply to the classroom. Look out for an email each Monday for the week's topic.

Some websites and apps we will look into include:

  • Google Apps for Education (GAFE)
  • Discovery Education
  • BrainPop - newly added features
  • Kahoot!
  • GradeCam
  • PowToons
  • Twitter and Periscope

If there is an app or website you use and would like to share, please email me!

Do you have a lesson you want to transfer over to chromebooks, but just not quite sure how? Let me help you. Stop by during T3 or email me for another time to meet.

Finding your Google Apps

1. Open Google Drive using your AISD email

2. Click new

3. Click more

4. You will see a few more apps appear...but wait there's more.

5. Click Connect More Apps. Here is where you will find all of the apps AISD has already approved. When you open an app, connect with your Google Drive (AISD) account and you are ready to go. These are the apps that students have access to as well.

Google My Maps

1. Open Google Drive using your AISD email.

2. Click New and More. If Google My Maps is not in your list, connect more and search for it.

Using Google My Maps, you can build (or search) a map, copy the map into Google Classroom, and your students can edit their own copy of the map. Your students can also build their own map from scratch.

Below are some different examples by content area. These were found searching through the Maps Gallery.

Language Arts

  • Literature Road Trip - As students complete their independent reading, they type a brief summary of the book and where it took place geographically using a Google Form. The Google Form results are tranformed into an excel table which is imported into Google My Maps. Every story is now mapped.
  • Map a Story (Hunger Games) - Within one story, students take notes on geographical landmarks of the book. This data is entered into an excel file to import into the map, or it is entered on the map directly.

Social Studies

  • Lewis and Clark - Use this interactive map to follow the journey of Lewis and Clark. Each pin on the map represents a journal entry.
  • Civil War - Students can research the various battles of the Civil War using this interactive map.
  • Texas Fort Tours - Use this map to research various landmarks in Texas.
  • Ancient Civilizations - Tour the ancient civilizations using this interactive map.


  • Scavenger Hunt - Instead of walking around the room, send students around the world on this algebra based scavenger hunt.
  • Word Problems - Move the word problems from a sentence on paper to the map. Here we are solving for how many extra days Ms. Stevens spent in Disney World.


  • Plate Tectonics - Use this map to identify plate boundaries. Turn on the volcano and the earthquake layers to see how these events line up with the plates.
  • Texas Ecoregions - Give students the link to this empty map. They are to fill in information for each of the Texas Ecoregions.
  • Meteor Craters - See ariel views of some of the world's largest meteor craters.

How do I build one? Come to T3 to find out. I really don't mean to leave you hanging, but it is much easier to explain in detail in a smaller setting.

Questions? Need Help?

Please don't hesitate to email me, Julia Stevens, or stop by T3.