NLHS Student Update

Week of March 23

Calamity Day Make-Up for 2014-15

After a brutal winter that tested the mettle of New Lexington City Schools, our students, and our community, we finally leave winter behind and welcome spring with grey skies and rain. With the coming of spring, we also begin to look forward to the end of the school year. Unfortunately, winter left us with 19 calamity days, several of which need to be made up before we can begin our summer vacation.

Here is the official make-up plan for New Lexington High School:

  • Students will make up one day of school on Thursday, April 2.
  • New Lexington City Schools has also extended the school day for the remainder of the year (March 23-June 4).
  • Students at NLHS will begin class at 7:35 and will be dismissed at 2:25, adding 40 minutes to the regular school day.

See below for a link to the district letter regarding make-up days, as well as NLHS's updated bell schedule for the remainder of the year.

Important Schedule Changes Beginning March 23

In addition to the extended day beginning on March 23, there are three major changes to the schedule at New Lexington High School:

  1. We will operate on the 7-period schedule for the remainder of the year. We will not have block schedules on Wednesday and Thursday.
  2. Chamber Singers will meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7:15-7:45. Students in Concert Choir, but not Chamber Singers, should meet and wait in the back section of the cafeteria from 7:35 until 7:45 before entering the music room. Teachers who have Chamber Singers students during first period - these students will miss 10 minutes of first period on these days; please excuse them.
  3. Project Y.O.U. (alternative school) will be adjusting their schedule as well. The after-school program and alternative school will now meet from 2:25-5:25 Monday through Thursday.

Responsible Use of Social Media

It is important for all students to remember that, in a highly technological word, everything we do on the Internet is permanent. Every tweet, every post on Facebook or Instagram, every text message, every blog post - it's all permanent!

Did you know that if you delete a Tweet, it is still kept on file somewhere? How about your text messages? Clicking "Delete" doesn't mean they disappear forever.

We all need to remember that social media is a reflection of who we are as individuals - it's our digital footprint. Do you know what your digital footprint looks like?

Take a moment and pause before you post to ask yourself these questions:

  • Is what I am posting a true reflection of who I really am?
  • How will my post impact others?
  • How will my post affect the way others perceive me?
  • How might this post affect my future (scholarships, career opportunities, etc.)?

Most social media usage is harmless and can be a great way to share opinions and keep up with friends and family. However, we all have to remember that some opinions can be harmful to ourselves or to others. If that's the case, you have to ask yourself: is it really worth sharing?

Remember: we all have the freedom of speech based on the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights; but, our rights only exist insofar as they do not impede upon the rights and safety of others.

Pause before you post, and use social media responsibly.

~Mr. Young

State Testing Update

Our students have concluded the first round of state testing, which included the PARCC assessments in English/Language Arts and Mathematics, the AIR State-Developed Assessments in Physical Science, American History, and American Government, and the Ohio Graduation Test.

We now have a brief reprieve from standardized testing, and can resume class as normal for a short time.

On the horizon are the end-of-year assessments for PARCC and AIR, which will begin on Monday, April 20.

FFA Banquet

Tuesday, March 24th, 5:30pm

2547 Panther Drive

New Lexington, OH

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