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August 26, 2022

Whatever It Takes. Every Student. Every Day.

This year we've taken a different approach with our school and lunch schedule to grant older students with opportunities to mentor students of the younger grades. Sixth grade is specifically paired with Kindergarten so that the older, "cool kids", and demonstrate proper behavior while waiting for their food, showing manners, speaking at an appropriate noise level, and caring for the younger students alongside the HES staff members should a student need any assistance.

Several Sixth grade students have taken this mentor opportunity a step further. Three weeks ago five sixth grade students asked if they could help walk the Kindergarten and First grade students to the gym for the car rider line from their classrooms. There are several adults who oversee this effort, but it's been wonderful to watch these older students be such good leaders. They play the quiet game, kindly ask them to keep their hands off of the walls and face forward, politely ask them to keep their hands to themselves, and greet them all with a smile and a wave. It's often that we can learn more from the students, than they can learn from us. This is a great example of how we should treat each other, and care for each other. When was the last time you went out of your way to help someone else, not expecting anything in return? Try to think of the last moment you shared with someone where simply helping them provided you with joy, and encouragement. It's in these moments, that we should stop to celebrate the goodness that is within the students at HES.

Go Hornets,

Mr. Pennington

HES Instagram and HES News

Thanks to Mrs. Hunter, Mrs. Riggins, Mrs. Blackstone, and Mrs. Owens, HES now has a live Instagram feed! We should also give a big thanks to Mrs. Barnett, and Mrs. Ulrich for bringing HES News back to our students! Each morning students can now begin their day with a newscast featuring HES students and staff. Unfortunately, due to Federal FERPA laws, we cannot share the videos publicly for you to see.
Indiana School Attendance Law

As attendance letters begin coming home today please remember that this is a State of Indiana law that all schools in Indiana are required to follow.

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Parents and guardians who have not signed and returned student device paperwork are at-risk of limiting device use for their student. The BHSC device policy reads: Parent/Guardian: I have read and understand this agreement and give permission for the school to allow my child to use the Borden-Henryville School Corporation One2One device under the terms and conditions set forth above. Your student WILL NOT be able to receive their device until this paperwork has been returned to their school. I have also made a selection to accept or reject the Accidental Damage Coverage option listed below.
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HES Picture Day

Monday, Sep. 26th, 8am

213 North Ferguson Street

Henryville, IN

Fall picture day for all HES students and staff with be on Monday, September 26, 2022.
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Hornets Helping Hornets

A few families contacted the office this week asking how they could help pay off student lunch account debts. This is such a blessing to be part of a community that wants to support students in such a capacity. Please contact the staff with any offerings of financial support at mailto:hornetshelpinghornets@bhsc.school
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HES is working on several projects, and costly field trips that will require a significant amount of fundraising. While we have several fundraisers in the works; we're open to any ideas from the community. If you own a business, know a family member who owns a business, or have any other ideas for supports and sponsorships, please contact the HES office or Mr. Pennington at spennington@bhsc.school

Midterms - First Nine Weeks

Friday, Aug. 26th, 5pm

213 North Ferguson Street

Henryville, IN

Midterm grades for the first semester will be posted today, and available for families by Monday, August 29th, 2022
Zip line at Country Lake Christian Retreat

5th Grade Overnight Field Trip

This fall, HES 5th grade students will be traveling to Country Lake Christian Retreat to participate in team building and leadership activities, zip lining, axe throwing, and archery during a two day trip. Our desire to is make this trip a legacy field trip that all 5th grade students at HES can anticipate on taking during their 5th grade year.
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6th Grade Overnight Field Trip

Next spring, HES 6th grade students will be traveling to St. Louis, Missouri, to take an overnight field trip to the, "Gateway City".

Students Helping in the Cafeteria

This week many students volunteered to assist with helping keep the cafeteria clean. It was not a task assigned, but a request of the students to help keep our school clean in grades 3-6. Way to go, Hornets!