Leonardo da Vinci

The Renaissance Man -Eric White


He tought himself in architecture and studied painting with Verrocchio in florence. In 1483 he started to apint the first version of the virgin.

Painting descoverey by a dealer at an American estate sale was sold in a private trnsaction for more than $75 million.


The Last Supper, as well as the Mona Lisa are two of da Vincis famous paintings.

He sketched the first parachute, helicopter, aeroplane, tank, repeating rifle, swigging bridge, paddle boat, motor car.

Impact on Today

The Mona Lisa influenced many other people to paint and change the way people painted and sculptures. It seems as if you could see into the soul of the paintings

Interesting facts about Leonardo

He was the son of a peasant girl.

He studied painting in verrechio's studio where his first known work is the angel in the older artists Baptism.

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The picture above is all about how the bodies work. He was an artist but he was also an sculpter, engineer, architect, scientist, inventer, designer, and a technologist.