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October 2019

Upcoming Events & Resources

Special Education PTA

Tuesday, Oct. 8th, 6:30-8:30pm

500 Balcom Street

Eau Claire, WI

SEPTA’s (Special Education PTA)

October 8, 2019 from 6:30- 8pm

at Longfellow Elementary in the Media Room

Meeting Topic:

Dawn Stark, Manager for the Western Regional Center, CYSHCN will be our main speaker discussing Pediatric and Adolescent mental health Resources. She has over 25 years of social work experience, most of which has involved working with children and families. Community Connection:

Have you thought about music therapy for your child? We will have a presentation from Western Wisconsin Music in Medicine located at the Eau Claire School of Music.

ECASD is a Proud Sponsor of the Keys to Success Conference

The 19th annual Keys To Success Conference will be Saturday, Nov. 2nd at Elk Mound High School. This conference is designed to improve outcomes by providing resources, information and networking opportunities for parents, caregivers, educators and service providers of children with disabilities, ages 3-21. Topics include supporting children with mental health challenges, anxiety, executive functioning skills, early literacy, transition planning, parenting skills and much more. Many agencies will be in attendance to provide information and opportunities to build relationships and make connections.

Participant Registration Link:

Keys to Success Conference Agenda

8:00 - 8:50 AM

Registration and Agency Resource Booths

8:50 - 9:00 AM

Announcements and Introduction of Keynote Speaker

9:00 - 9:50 AM - KEYNOTE

How To Support Children With Anxiety - Anita Vlcek, L.P.C,

Psychotherapist, Mayo Health System: How Can We?/How We

Can! - create a community of caring, and build mental health and

resiliency in youth. Anita will share strategies of Recognizing

the Signs of Anxiety, Collaboration, Role Modeling Healthy

Coping Skills, Reduce Over Accommodation, Over Control, Over

Protection to Allow Children to Face Fears.

10:00 - 11:15 AM - Breakout Sessions A - C

A. Tips For Anxious Children - Anita Vlcek, L.C.P,

Psychotherapist, Mayo Health System: As this follow up to

the keynote, Anita will dig deeper into strategies of supporting

children to build resiliency and reduce anxiety.

B. What’s After High School? - Barbara Katz: Training

on Transition for children 14-21 is a broad overview of the

transition to adult life for young adults with disabilities and

special needs. Topics include: Planning for the future, the

role of schools, long-term supports, vocational resources,

moving into adult health care, supported decision making and

guardianship, basics of self-determination.

C. Readers are Writers and Writers are Readers - Part 1 -

Amber Carlsrud: Using shared writing with young children.

Key content: Writing as an important reading component,

functions of writing, embedding functional writing within your

day, accommodations/modifications for early/shared writing

with young children. Reading development and writing

development go hand. Reading with young children is one of

the best ways to increase language development and reading

success. This session will address the importance of reading

with children in ways that are fun and engaging for grown ups

and children together. You’ll learn key read aloud strategies

that will help young children build reading success.

11:25 - 12:40 PM - Breakout Sessions D - F

D. Organization, Flexible Thinking, Impulse Control, Oh

My! How to understand and help students struggling with

Executive Functioning Skills - Meg Steingrubl

How many of us have that student that just can't stay in

their seat? Bring a pencil? Control their blurting? Adjust to a

schedule change? Maybe I should ask, who doesn't? In this

sectional we will look at the many components of Executive

Functioning to better understand and support our students.

You will walk away with a clearer picture of what it is like for our

students who struggle with these skills and strategies to use to

support their success within the classroom

E. Adolescent Sexuality: What We ALL Need to Know! -

Michelle Uetz: All humans are sexual and social from the day

they are born. This presentation will give you tools, information

and knowledge to be able to effectively handle sexual concerns

while understanding the importance of sexuality education

for children and adults with disabilities. One of the best ways

to discuss risks without scaring people is to take pro-active

measures such as sex education.

F. Be the Best Parent You Can Be Today! - Cheryl Larson:

Parenting is the hardest job we have. Parents do the best

they can with the tools they have. Personal self-care is critical

to successful parenting; this presentation will briefly explain

children's and humans' biological needs and why self-care is so

critical. You'll gain further understanding of what your children

are communicating to you with their behavior as well as

strategies and techniques to help you support and guide them

in a peaceful heartfelt way.

1:15 - 2:30 PM - Breakout Sessions G-I

G. “Supporting Children at Home with Executive

Functioning Skills” - John Klem and Tonya Klem: John and

Tonya will discuss what executive function skills are, how they

are developed and the important role they play in the home and

school environments. Participants will learn what they can do to

support healthy development of executive function skills along

with strategies that can be implemented to support children

with executive function deficits.

H. Sharing Strategies in Supporting Children with

Dangerous or Disruptive Behaviors - Michelle Zagozen &

Lauri Malnory: Sharing Strategies in supporting children with

dangerous or disruptive behaviors. This information workshop

is designed for Parents and Caregivers who are involved in the

life of an individual who is served by a school that implements

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NVCI). Learn an understanding

of the philosophy of Care, Welfare, Safety and Security, which

is the cornerstone of the Nonviolent Crisis training program.

I. Building Community--Parents Coming Together -

Karen Peikert, Moderator: Learn how parents have taken the lead

and have created ways to connect, network and support

parents of children with disabilities through various models of

parent groups. Learn about programs/groups such as Autism

Support Group of St. Croix Valley, Better Together in Eau Claire

(Facebook Group), Autism Society-Chippewa Valley, DSAWDown

Syndrome Association Wisconsin-Chippewa Valley,

SNAPS - Special Needs & Parent Support and SEPTA-Special

Education Parent Teacher Association Eau Claire Area School


Big picture

Are you interested in becoming a Special Olympics Athlete?

Any student in ECASD or surrounding area who has been identified as having an intellectual disability or closely related developmental disability by an Agency or professional and is age 8 or older can train and compete as a Special Olympics athlete.

For more information, please visit our district web page

DVR 101: Getting Started With the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

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