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MMS Media & Tech Team: Felicia Davis, Allison Long, Elizabeth Stapleton, and Michael Cline

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Reinvigorate Highlight: Laura Smith

Laura Smith joined MMS last year and has been reinvigorating the Science Department ever since. Allen Stevens states, "She is highly organized and is a superb researcher and finder of all sorts of resources that we use in class and on projects. She has an energy that is contagious and keeps us on track to make sure we are focusing on the unpacking standards. She has definitely had a positive impact on our PLC this year and we are extremely happy to have her!!" David Jester, new to the MMS, shared, "As a new teacher here at MMS I REALLY appreciate working with Mrs. Smith. She is always willing and eager to help me with anything I ask and always has time to answer any tech questions I have. Her knowledge on technical issues is unsurpassed and she always has something new and exciting going on in her classroom. She is awesome!!" Finally, Dr. Gardner's words about how she reinvigorates her classroom. "Ms. Smith has a true talent for adding enthusiasm and excitement to her daily lessons. Just last week, I had a student write a note to me about how she knows Ms. Smith puts a lot of time and energy into her lessons to make them special for the students. She also works hard to recognize positive behavior and effort in the classroom, which helps to reinforce her expectations. The book "Teach Like a Pirate" states that enthusiasm separates the good from the great, and I believe Ms. Smith is a prime example of this!" Thanks for leading by example.

MMS Media Tips: CAVE

If you have not used the CAVE to simple get out of your classroom into a new space, please consider talking with Mrs. Stapleton or Mrs. Long about all the different ways this space can be used. Come and see how this space can be used for your lesson! Be sure to check out the literacy strategies FROM THE CAVE email each week to meet literacy needs for all of our students! We can accomodate all learners and subject areas so please consider a classroom change for your students and visit the CAVE!

MMS Tech Tips

Reinvigorate your Mail Account by organizing your Inbox.

Is your Inbox overwhelming you? Organize it using Labels and Filters to help you highlight important emails and weed out the less important.

Gmail - Add Signatures, Labels and Filters

Google Apps for Work has a Learning Center - check out the link below for other ways to organize.

Google Apps for Work Learning Center - 10 Ways to Optimize your Inbox

From Cuz's Desk

Remember the media center is open in the mornings for quiet study, book checkout and now for gateway research. Students are welcome anytime during the day to ask questions and receive help concerning their gateway project especially for research and citation questions. Just Ask!

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