Too Good To Waste (Compost)

Nevaeh Wiliams ,Carlos Gonzales

The Benefits of Composting

When you compost it...

  • helps reduce Garbage in Landfills
  • Helps stop polltion
  • Helps stop global warming >SAVE THOSE POLAR BEAR<
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Compost ingredients

  1. You have to have "greens"
  2. You have to have "browns"
  3. You need water
  4. Need a compost bin

What are 'Greens'

Green are green organic matter like......

  • Plants
  • Carrots
  • Seafood
  • Apple Cores
  • Oranges
  • Any Type of Fruit

What Are 'Browns'

Browns are dry things like....

  • leaves
  • straw
  • old stems
  • dead pine needless

Why we need WATER?

We need water because if it stays to dry it takes a long time to turn into compost so you need to keep it about the consistency of a moist sponge .

Decomposers Job

Worms and Fungus and Bacteria it helps breaks down the soil.

A decomposers is a living thing that breaks down the remains of other living things.

Temperature changes in compost

After a couple of days it should be around a hundred and forty degrees Fahrenheit.....

140`f so it goes from around room temperature to that temp....

Things to Avoid

You need to avoid in a compost bin is plastic ,Water bottles and silverware ,paper culturally , milk cartons ,metal cans and glass.

Product Of Composting

The result will be good for the plants and healthier for them........

It also creates a better world free of pollution.

Fun Facts

  1. It normal Takes about a month for it to decompose
  2. Your Plants Can grow faster
  3. Fallen leaves make mulch that protects the soil under.
Fruit and Vegetable Decomposition, Time-lapse