Syracuse University

Caine Bracy


welcome to Syracuse University we are located in Syracuse, New York.At Syracuse we have some traditions we have the Alma master,and we have our fighter song,and course chimes,but every year we have to have our goon squad and they battle against each other to try and capture a spot in the finals.

tuition & housing

Ha at Syracuse we are a little different then other college because we are s private school and we don't have in state or outer state prices we only have one price and that is 40,380.we have on school housing for student but it 7,230 a semester for the dorms and apartments.

meals and sports

we have a meals but it all one price of $7,230 and they can eat what ever they feel like eating.we have some sport that we are very good at we are ranked #1 in basketball,we have a football team but we don't rank, they have been having a good season so far.we have other sports like lacrosse, rowing, soccer,cross country, track&field.

enrollment & entrance requirements