Live Life to the Fullest

Jordan Sullivan

Don't Waste Your Life knowing you could have had a great time with it

It isn't about how long you live, or how many years you have until you die, what matters is how good the years are and what you do with them. for example how happy would you be if through out your life you just stayed home alone and you were safe. Be daring, have fun with your life, go out and have a great time because one day you will look back and see how you could have done so much more with your life than you thought.


My Mother and Father went through a divorce a little over a year ago. and now they are dating other nice people. My mother took care of me when I needed comfort, love, and support. My father took care of how I saw the world for what it really was and helped me with my skills in hardware

My Family Life

My family has changed many times throughout my life. I've been through with my parents divorce, and finding out that both my parents are now dating other people. When I found out about the divorce I felt terrible but now I know that it was for the better.

MY Many Houses

I've lived in around 6 different houses with my mother and father. 3 of which were before the divorce, and 3 after, 2 were with my mom and 1 with my dad. It has been harder and harder to move all the time especially leaving my friends at my older houses.

Moving For The First Time

When I moved for the first time I didn't know what to think because I was great friends with many of my old neighbors. When I found out that we were moving I was devastated. b ut I was glad we moved too because it was the chance of a new start.


When I was growing up I realized that I had been trying to act like other people in my life I then realized this when my family and I had moved and I didn't know who I was. When my parents told us that they were going through a divorce I didn't know what to think at all. I had thought that my life was over but that;s when I realized that it was just beginning
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