Highlights Of This Semester

Editor: Lyxie Justus

My Teachers

Since I'm new to this school , I don't have much friends or people who are nice to me. But my teachers are extremely cool & rad. Mrs EIlers is my favorite teacher , she's extremely nice and considerate.

Volleyball Bus Rides!

The bus rides back home from volleyball games were always the best! They were very interesting & rowdy. Crazy things like singing & yelling at strangers out the windows .

Almost Christmas!

I'm extremely excited that I get to be away from this school for 2 WHOLE WEEKS! Also getting to spend some time with my family too. I plan on going home and sleeping for a long time , then eating some good christmas dinner!

New Friends

Coming to this school this year I made about 2 friends. Stormy , she's very shy & pretty , always nervous but so cool! And then there's Kailey very short and pretty also , she's cool too. I first met kailey at volleyball game. Then I met stormy one the first day of school.