By Louis Sachar


holes is a book and there is character named Stanley. Stanley is accused of stealing shoes so he goes to court and he has a option to go to a camp called camp green lake or go to jail. Stanley goes to Camp Green Lake and finds out that Camp Green lake isn't so green and it doesn't have any lakes it turns out that its just a desert were the kids are forced to dig holes. They quickly find out that they are not digging to build character they are digging in search of something very important to the warden.

Gods thumb

one day Stanley and Zero run away from camp and travel to a place called Gods Thumb. But before they got there they had got to gods thumb they had to climb many steep and life threat obstacles and challenges. When they got to the top of the rock there was water and super sweet onions that the boys snacked on until they returned two camp for something speacial.

The desert

the desert is where the boys spend most of their time digging in the hot sun. There is many critters and creatures such as rattle, snake yellow spotted lizards, Scorpions, and lots of bugs. The desert is also very dry and dose not have any trees of grass. The boys have to dig in this heat and conditions every day.


after the boys get off gods thumb they run to a specific hole at night and dug and dug like they never had but if you ask me it was worth it. They found a treasure that had been burried many years ago the boys got to keep all the money inside and turned camp green lake to a girls cout camp ans Zero and Stanley became next door neighbors
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