Shark Project

Kristen Eccles

Shark Picture and Labeling

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Organs and their functions

Gall Bladder- thin walls looks greenish stores bile functions for storage.

Heart- pumps blood through conus arteriosus to the gills.

Kidney- it is the posterior portion and is the manufacture and transport of the sharks urine.

Pancreas- located on duodenum and lower stomach it enters duodenum on a way called parcatic duct.

Small Intestine- it is located in the duodenum it is U shaped portion of the small intestine .

Large Intestine- symmetrical shape and is within the valvular intestine.

Stomach- J shaped and located in the upper cardiac region.

Esophagus- It Is muscular and thick gores from one cavity the oral to the phyrax.

Rectum- it will dischange in the upuala

Claspers- seen only in males as a copullatory organ.

Lateral Line- is made up of really tiny pores that lead to receptors that sensetive to the amount called methenal

Gills- resprotory organs for the shark mechanical


They can live to be 25-100 Years Old


The sharks live in the water of the degree of 45 degrees Fahrenheit to 54 degrees Fahrenheit


Kingdom- Animalia

Phylum- Chordata

Class- Chondrichthyes

Order- Squaliformes


Genus- Squalus

Species- Acanthias