Battle of Stalingrad

Blair Clark

Beginning of the Battle

The Battle of Stalingrad began on July 17,1942 with the Soviet Union in defense of Stalingrad from the Germans. This was a successful mission in which this was the turning point of the war in favor of the Allies. It is also known as one of the bloodiest battles. There was a combined military and civilian casualties of 2 million. The battle was fought throughout harsh winter which helped the Allies win. The Germans surrendered to the Allies on February 2. 1943.
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The Germans surrendered on February 2,1943.

The Generals

General Paulus:

He was the leader for the Germans in this battle. He had the word from Hitler not to stop fighting until the last man was dead or until General Paulus committed suicide. Paulus did not follow through with these orders and Hitler was furious with him. Because Hitler was mad, he stripped Paulus of all his ranks.

General Zhukov:

He was the leader of the Soviet Union in this battle. He was in charge of many different armies at the time of this battle and still made the decisions he did to win the battle. His main plan was to surround Germany to win the battle and that is what happened. They attacked from the north and the south and at that point, Germany surrendered.

After the Battle

The Battle of Stalingrad was truly the turning point in the war. The Allies gained power and started to dominate. The goal of this battle was for the Allies to win. Once they did that, everything fell into place for them, but it wasn't as easy as it sounds. This battle was a very brutal battle but in the end it helped the Allies win and in the long run, win the war.