The Araguaian Boto

Hannah Long

What is a boto?

A boto is a river dolphin. This type of dolphin is one of the most rare, endangered species in the world. There are only four known species of this type of dolphin. Botos have long, skinny mouths with rows of rounded off teeth. Honestly, they look alien like if you're expecting to see a normal dolphin.


A New Species

The Araguaian boto is a newly discovered species of river dolphins. Only one of four, this species is the most endangered of all of them. They were dicovered in central Brazil in the Araguaia River Basin. The animals were isolated from the other botos in the adjacent Amazon Basin to the west by a series of rapids and a small canal. After DNA testing, the scientists discovered that the the Araguaian boto's DNA was so different from the other species that they determined that it had separated from another dolphin species more than 2 million years ago.
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This species, like I said before, is the number one most endangered river dolphin species. Some might think that they aren't significant but they are. They are unique creatures that we are fortunate enough to be able to study. Support these creatures in their upstream battle with life on this planet.