LeadGen Boot Camp

Learn the Secrets to Success in Real Estate While You EARN!

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Information Session

Monday, April 11th, 1-4pm

18383 Preston Road

Dallas, TX

How many hours will I need to work? How much does it pay? What will I be doing? What will the internship cover? Do I need to be with the Keller Williams Market Center at Dallas Preston Road? Should I apply for this or wait?

Learn more details about this program and decide... is this right for you? Space is limited. We keep the sessions small on purpose. Call 214-494-1652 to discuss!

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LeadGen Boot Camp

We are searching for a few new Realtors (or existing Realtors that are already in real estate) looking to sharpen their skills. Whether you want to join a team, build your own team, or stay an individual we invite you to apply to Van Poole Properties' LeadGen BootCamp.

LeadGen Boot Camp is designed to teach Realtors how to build successful habits and their business pipeline through hands-on instruction, scripts, dialogues and practical application of the best lead generation practices. We have designed a short term program to help licensed agents develop incredible skill sets while earning money at the same time.

Need more than just a seminar?

Our PAID LeadGen Boot Camp program covers:

  1. Looking for structure? Learn it with this program.
  2. Need help getting your business off the ground? Learning scripts for various types of lead generation sources
  3. Know you need help with learning the right tools to succeed? Using the systems that help save you time and money
  4. Looking to jump start your existing business? Learning the skills to help you build your own pipeline of business
  5. Get Paid to lead generate for Van Poole Properties a few hours per day & still build your own pipeline on the side
  6. And much, much, more

Scroll down to apply and earn while you learn!

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Intern Testimonials...

Justin and Elena Martin, Realtor Team with Keller Williams

"We are really loving the energy of this team and this program is exactly what I was needing to help grow as a realtor.... Listening to Corrie, Seychelle and Barbara has really helped me figure out what kind of Realtor I want to be... This training has so far proven essential to a Realtors need and growth. My take home is your input is your output!"

Arthur Simons, Realtor with Keller Williams

"... I have a brand new way of going about daily tasks not only in my business life ,but in my personal life as well...Van Poole Properties has struck gold with this program. It is a wonderful team to work with. They have a great well of knowledge that I intend to fully tap while I have the opportunity.

For the motivated new agent who isn't quite sure what do to. I would HIGHLY recommend The Engine to help jump start your career. Not only will you come out of this experience with a better understanding of how to be a great Realtor you will have an amazing group of people surrounding you wishing nothing but the best for you..."

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Van Poole Properties Team

Left to Right: Sharmy (Lead Buyer Agent), Gwen (Expansion Agent in Austin), Paige (Marketing/ non-agent), Kristen (Transaction Coordinator), Andrew (Lucky Devil Buyer Agent), Meleese (Buyer Agent), Barbara (Founder and Chairman), Seychelle (CEO), Carolina (Showing Agent/Market Specialist), Corrie (Dir Biz Dev and Relo), Erica (Listing Admin), Rayna (Showing Agent/Market Specialist), Marie (Listing Agent), and Macey (Showing Agent/Market Specialist). Recent additions to our team not show are Allan Ackerman (Multifamily and Builder) and Elizabeth Kohler (Listing Specialist).

Requirements to Apply:

  • Email Resume to Corrie@VanPoole.com
  • Be a licensed real estate agent for the State of Texas
  • Keller Williams is your brokerage
  • Provide a DISC personality report (FREE! ask if you need one)
  • This is a phone position, a phone interview will be necessary.

If you do not meet these requirements and are still interested... it's worth the call 214-494-1652

If you are currently with a broker other than Keller Williams this newsletter is not meant to solicit agents from other brokerages. If you are with a KW group, this is not meant to solicit you away from your group. If you are with another market center, this is not meant to solicit you away from your market center.

This program is meant as a way to empower new agents to earn while they learn and will benefit KW as an International firm because the better each of us do as an agent, the more the entire KW network benefits in reputation and practice.