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"How I saw it"

Local man in small ranch in the Salinas Valley of northern California, witness a dead woman in the barn of the ranch . He declares his name is Candy , an old man with no right hand , says he lost it by a ranch accident. He was interviewed by local news men and this is what they have to say .

Interviewer: So , Candy would ya mind telling me a few things bout' what happened?

Candy: Sure , sure its no problem , uh ya see I came to look for an old fella of mines , an old friend Uhh..Lennie who now is dead. I was calling for him and looked for him in the barn.

Interviewer:So what ya see?

Candy:This is how i saw it, I came into the barn and there was no sign of Lennie. I did see though , Curley's wife and Curley-He's my boss's young man. So I saw her laying on the hay of the ground , face facing towards the hay and I was very stunned . I thought , why in the name of jesus would she do that for ? Then I told her "You oughten to sleep out here". Then I stepped closer to her and i said "Oh ,Jesus christ". She was already dead.

Interviewer: And how did the beans spill?

Candy: "Well I went out to go get my other good friend -George, and him and Lennie were very close , so then I went out to get him and we both went into the barn. George said "What was it that you wanted to see me about?" I pointed at Curley's wife and he juss starred. He asked me what was the matter with he and he stpped closer , and echoed my words. He put his hand over her heart to check then he stood up and stood stiffly without saying any words."

Interviewer: " How'd ya find out who done it"

Candy: We both knew it was Lennie . Me and George planned out that I should tell the guys while he acts like if didn't know a thang. So that's how it all started , and so now Lennie is dead.

Interview: Well..Thank you for your time Candy.

Candy: It was no problem Mister.

New's Column

Employees runs down boss

Local ranchers runs down boss for better work. Frank Smith , one of the workers of the ranch says "This is just bull , I work out all day in the sun boiling my head and i only get paid 3 grams a day , this ain't enough!" Jimmy Brown , another worker says "If i'm getting paid only 4 cheap dollars a day I should at least a job in the barn , it's too god dang hot outside for me to be working this hard , I have a heart condition I could encounter a heat stroke!".

The workers says they face many unfair problems at the ranch. Workers go out and rages the boss for better work and better payment. The boss gives em' a raise and work for inside the barn for only 2 days a week. Workers still declares its unfair , but it was the best he coulda done.

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Full Name: Lennie Small

City and State of residence: Salinas Valley, California.

Time, date and place of viewing of death: Lennie Small died next to a little pool of water by a river, Sunday afternoon in Salinas River, California. South of Soledad.

Family Members: George Milton, Aunt Clara.

Job and place of employment: Worked in a ranch in Salinas Valley, California. Bucks barley bags.

Personality traits, Personal accomplishments: Lennie Small is big in size but with a mind of a kid he had mental disorders, he liked to touch/feel soft things, and he always wanted to tend rabbits. He's major dream was to own a farm along with George Milton(his best friend).

Death: Lennie Small died because he killed curley's wife( that was how everything started) in the barn of the ranch where he worked, so he ran away to the little pool by a river in Salinas River, California. South of Soledad. George Milton(his best friend) found him by the pool and shot/killed Lennie before Curley would.

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Full name: Curley's wife(real name unknown).

City and State of residence: lived near a ranch in Salinas valley, California.

Time, date and place of viewing of death: died in the barn of the ranch where her husband works, in a Sunday afternoon in Salinas Valley, California. Candy a worker in the ranch witnessed her dead in the barn first.

Family members: Curley(husband).

Job and place of employment: she had no job.

Personality Traits and personal accomplishments: Curley's wife was a woman who was very alone and wanted to make friends in her husband's job or someone to be friends with. She wanted to be in the movies and, have nice clothes, have pictures taken of her and be famous, instead she got married to a not nice man.

Death: Curley's wife got killed accidentally by Lennie Small because she entered to the barn and finds Lennie with a dead puppy and curiously starts being friendly to him, and suddenly she tells lennie to stroke her hair because is soft but lennie strokes to much that she starts to scream saying "let go" but lennie refuses, grabs her and accidentally breaks her neck.

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Of mice and men

some dreams are hard to achieve and others are impossible to make....
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Written By: Jaclen Espinoza and Alexis Torres

Edited: January 18, 2015.