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Bring Back My Bar !

The votes have been tallied, and the top 20 fragrances for Bring Back My Bar were announced Monday on the Scentsy Fragrance Facebook page.

Here are the bars that made the cut and will be returning for one month only, January 2013, for purchase:

Berry Blush
Carrot Cake
Cherry Almond Pie
Coconut Palm
Coffee Tree
Falling Leaves
Inner Peace
Just Peachy, Ginger!
Lots of Lavender
Maple Butter
Pima Cotton
Root Beer Float
Sage & Sweet Grass
Spiced Orange Harvest
Spiced Grapefruit
Tahiti Pear
Wild Black Cherry
You Go, Girl

Individual bars will be available starting Jan. 1 for $5 (USD)/$6 (CAD).

Or grab one of each of the 20 fragrances with a bundle for $85 (USD)/$102 (CAD), available for Consultants only to order on the Workstation starting Dec. 19. This bundle will be available for all customers on the PWS from Jan. 1-31, 2013.

Don’t wait to place your orders; these bars and the bundle will be gone after Jan. 31!


Did you receive the The Scent of The Month? It's a beautiful pink color. Happy Go Lucky - A racing heart, daydreams, bouts of blushing — getting bit by the love bug can cause all sorts of symptoms. Happy Go Lucky captures the exhilaration of a new romance with luscious red berries, silky orchid, and Japanese plum floating on a cloud of amber vanilla.

Don't forget that sampling is a great way to gain new customers by exposing them to the wonderful fragrances of Scentsy. If you need a refresher about making samples or would like to check out the new scent, email me and we can make an appointment to meet.


I hope you all got your orders in yesterday that you needed by Christmas Eve! I know you all are very busy with the holiday, but I hope you were able to use your business to help others with their gifting and fill your own stockings and gift exchanges.

Success Calendar

We are still working on Calendar Girls for our Team! Here's how it works:

Our team calendar will help you increase your sales, get consistent future bookings and help you find new team members at every party. This system will help you increase your income and keep it consistent every month.

Each week email me your upcoming parties for the month. On the last day of the month, 2 winners will be drawn for a $10 Starbucks gift certificate. Your name will be entered on the dates you give me on the calendar below in our weekly email.

I am so excited about our Success Calendar, because it will be a great way for me to support you in growing your business and it’s a great way for our team to grow and to stay accountable to each other.

Team Goal for December: $6,000 GV

When we reach this goal, (1) Active Consultant will win a $25 gift card of their choice

For being Active ($150PV) earn 1 ticket and for every additional $100PV earn 1 ticket

Plus, every consultant with $1000PV in December will earn a $10 Starbucks card

As of December 19th Team Volume: $947.25

Heather Dubey $243.50

Melissa Miranda $225

Erin Hrim $185

November PV

Becky Rice & Sarah Gramly $413.50
Heather Dubey $345.50

GWV - $1384.24


A new year will be here soon. I'm so thankful for this past year and having you all join me on this journey. We have 9 people on our team and we are still growing! Before the year ends, think about what you want your Scentsy business to be for you. Maybe you just want a little extra cash for vacations and gifts or maybe you want to work towards a full-time income. Whatever your goals are, I'm here to help you attain them. On January 7th, I would love to hear back from all of you as to what you would like to accomplish in 2013. No dream is too small or too big!

Darlene Giol - Independent Star Consultant

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. The best way to reach me is through text or email as I have a two small children and a very busy family life. If you would like to set up a coaching call, please email me and I will let you know what time slots are available. I am here to support you in your growing business!