Water Crises In Sudan, Africa

By Dana Pham


Sudan, Africa has dirty drinking water and I want to help them have cleaner safer water. Their dirty water is causing diseases which some are spreading and sometimes they cause deaths.

Who/What/Where is affected?

All of Africa is being affected by their water but I am going to focus on one country called Sudan. The people in Sudan, Africa have the Nile River. It's their most important land feature. Most of the people in Sudan live near the Nile because Sudan is mostly desert. The Central Sudan is made mostly of grass covered plains. Their water there is not clean and sometimes not drinkable because that causes diseases and deaths.


Eighty percent of the country works in agriculture so ninety seven percent uses water. Sudan is becoming more and more of a desert because the water is being evaporated and most people drink it, use it for farming, etc. Water Pollution is pollution in the water of rivers and lakes.

Causes and Effects of Problem:

Some causes is that the water is dirty and not safe to drink. So then they can either get a disease or die. Another cause and effect is when they have clean drinking water, the people in Sudan think they have no good future. Many lakes and rivers are polluted in Sudan. Its not safe for people to drink water from lakes and rivers from Sudan. All the trash and waste found in small areas of water cause water pollution. Farmers pollute the water too, without even noticing it, people don't intent to pollute the water. When they pollute the water, they are making the water have pollution and when people drink it, it can effect them because of its germs and diseases. Water pollution effects the environment, people, plants, and animals. Children will do anything for water and so they drink the dirty water and get sick and die. The animals have no where else to drink water so they get sick and die also.


Try and raise/donate money for https://thewaterproject.org/water-in-crisis-sudan so that Sudan could have some wells built and have safer drinking water and less deaths/diseases. Providing cleaner and safer water, helps determined people see that they have hope for their futures. Wells could be built and children can get clean water and be able to go to school because they won't have a sickness or disease.
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