Type 1 Diabetes

by Bradley Galinsky. 6/6/16. A2


Type one diabetes is caused when damage to the pancreas is done. The pancreas produces insulin that the body needs. However, sometimes it lacks that. This is what type one diabetes is. Later, you will find more about diabetes.

Ten Type One Facts

1. People with type one diabetes need to take insulin to survive. This is why some people call it insulin-dependent diabetes.

2. Type one diabetes used to be called, "juvenile diabetes". This is because it was mostly gotten by children. But now, some adults have type one diabetes, so now this name is invalid.

3. It is unknown what causes type one diabetes.

4. Type 1 diabetes is more common in the northern climates.

5. Type 1 diabetes is a lot less common than type 2. It's about 10% type one out of 100%

6. Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes have no cure. So don't trust any products on the internet saying that they cure any type of diabetes.

7. Type one diabetes sometimes has a "honeymoon period". This is when diabetes may disappear after a few months.

8. Exercise is important for keeping diabetes under control.

9. It is possible to avoid long term diabetes effects with blood control.

10. Type 1 diabetes can result in blindness, as some nerve cells are effected by diabetes.


To treat type I diabetics, treatment usually consists of a healthy diet, exercise, and insulin shots to replace the insulin that your body no longer produces. Most insulin-dependent diabetics test their blood at least four times per day to monitor their blood’s glucose level. This is necessary to keep their blood glucose within certain limits. If blood glucose is not monitored, and if insulin levels are not kept in check, three things may happen
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