Evaluation Question 2

The effectivity of your main product and ancillary texts

Brand Identity

Over my three media pieces; trailer, poster and magazine I have tried to convey a sense of brand identity. I have tried to do this by using similar fonts, images and colour scheme.


Throughout my three pieces of work I have used the same font for the 'April Fools' text, this has helped me to create a sense of brand identity as the font allows the audience to understand that it is all coming from the same source and is all intertwined. This font is also related to horror as the font looks like it is from a horror film so it is also giving the audience information into what genre it is from.

Key images

Overall the use of my key images on my poster, magazine and within the trailer has allowed me to create a cohesive package between the main product and the ancillary products.

Colour scheme

On my film poster and magazine, the key colours that have been used are red and black. I have used these colours as they have connotations on death and the dark so help to reflect the mood of the trailer. In my trailer the colour red can be seen in the clowns mask which is the main reason of choosing the colour which helps create a sense of continuity, also within the trailer the setting is often dark which adds tension and also relates to the ancillary products as they are dark and create the same kind of mood.