Swept Away!

Devasting Tsunamis Around The World

Do you ever wonder?

Do you ever wonder about the earth? How do Earthquakes, Tornadoes, and Tropical storms start? Do you wonder the financial cost such as, how much money the government has to put in the damage of this horrible weather? Do you wonder how they generate? Do you wonder where they're located? Do you ever wonder about, Tsunamis?

How do tsunamis generate?

Tsunamis generate through displacement of water in oceans or lakes, but they are most commonly to generate by tectonic plates below the ocean floor, during Earthquakes. But, also by Volcanic Eruptions, Glacier Carving, meteoric impact or landslides. The Earth's lithosphere is separated into a bunch of discrete pieces, called plates, that move around the surface of Earth. This motion is driven by the flow of the mantle rock underneath the plates and by the forces plates exert at their boundaries where they move against each other. There are three distinct types of plate boundaries. First, there are transform boundaries. Transform boundaries slide past each other. Next, there are divergent boundaries. Divergent boundaries plates move away from each other. Last but not least, there are convergent boundaries. Convergent boundaries move towards each other.

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The Final Word

Tsunamis are very feared today, and they will always be feared. Tsunamis don't care about you, or the ones you love, they don't care at all. They just want to tear apart what you once had before. As one of the leading natural disasters, in the world today, they should be respected. Being educated about their power and destruction is the possibly key to living tomorrow.