Digital Etiquette "Netiquette"

Elizabeth Chapman


This is known as the correct or acceptable way to communicate on the internet. There are certain things should be done, and their are certain things that shouldn't be said or done on the internet.
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The Dont's for social media:

-Avoid sending game invites or any invites that have been sent more than once, it will lead to annoyance.

-Do not post vulgar and nasty language or pictures, jobs have been known to look at social media.

-Never use your own personal facebook account to market things for your company, it's frowned upon.

-Try to avoid adding members or co-workers to a chat that is outside their work field.

-Don't constantly promote your work, you'll lose subscribers, and become annoying for promoting your work all the time.

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The Do's for social media:

-When using social media use appropriate grammar and language.

-Be sure to be friendly, and interesting; quick way to make new friends.

-Try to help your friends out if they need it, whether it be help for advice or help trying to work the site; it's nice to help people out.

-Use your manners, so people don't get the wrong perspective about you.

-When using linkedin or another website to find a job, be sure to provide a full work history and explain the kind of work you do.

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