Rhode Island

Why you should go

Here are our different types of food:

We have seafood like; Bass, Cod ,Clams, Mackerels, Eels, Flounder,and Oysters. Lots of the food is good like agriculture.They include; Tobbaco, sugar, corn, apples, and onions.We also have cows, sheep, and chickens for meat.We also had a lot of dairy products from cow milk.

We trade lots of stuff like...

  1. Dutch knives
  2. shell beads
  3. Metals like silver and iron
  4. Boats
  5. Corn and tobbaco
  6. candles
  7. sugar
  8. tea
  9. molasses

Jobs that we have in Rhode

You can build thing that we will need in Rhode Island

Next is our appreciation ( us colonists)

Colonial Life

Roger Williams was the founder of Rhode Island. Check out the slide and come join us as colonists of Rhode Island!!