Teens should stop cyber bullying

by Ethan Vesey

Teens should stop cyber bulling

Teens should really stop cyber bulling cause it’s not nice. Many people just ignore it. Sometimes that’s the right thing to do. But if it gets really out of hand get an adult. Or someone you trust

There are curtain ways that people cyber bully people. Actually there are many ways. They may call you names. They may call you fat. The worst is when they make fun of you.

Some cyber bullies may harass you. There are also bullies in real life. But without the cyber. They usually do the same things that a cyber bully does. Except its like 10 times worse.

The bullies in real life just sometimes just do it for fun. Sometimes they just do it cause they have problems. They could beat you up. So the best thing to do with bullies is to just walk away. Same way with cyber bullies.

You just ignore them. Eventually they will stop. They are probably just trying to annoy you. That’s what most bullies do. So like I said just ignore them and they will eventually stop.