Road Safety

Speeding and road safety on young teenagers

Factor that Contribute to Speeding

Speeding contributes to about 40 percent of road deaths and injuries in Australia. In average conditions a car traveling at 40KM will take 45 metres to stop in a brake position.
There are a few factors that can cause a driver to speed, these include age, gender, alcohol level and the number of people in the vehicle.
There can also be fault in the road such as road layout, quality of the road and the vehicle power/maximum speed.
Traffic is a major contributor, the environment and weather conditions.

Speeding has three categories:
1: Excessive- speeding is deliberate and substantially over the given road limit.
2:Low Level-The driver drives at a speed marginally over the posted speed limit.
3:Inappropriate- Traveling at a speed that is inappropriate for the road condition, such as speeding in wet conditions.

Youth and Road Safety

Three factors put youth at more risk on the road than anyone else. These factors are age, gender and inexperienced.

Young males aged 25 are three times more likely to be involved in road crashes than females. Young males are at more risk because of their sensation seeking and risk taking behavior.
The young age makes it harder for the teenagers to assess the situation, test their boundaries and most likely over estimate their ability and be influenced by peer pressure.

One-third of all speeding drivers and rider in fatal crashes are males aged 17 – 25; 6 per cent are females aged 17 – 25